Cruisin' Culture - Art and other stuff. Cruisin' Culture is a business that sells select local and overseas art/music/creativity and more. Auto-related, lowbrow, traditional grass root's culture amongst others, with a hint of old grease and burnt oil thrown in for good measure. It's about the Artist, just as much as it is about the Art!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Deuce of Spades Posters

Many of you will already have bought the DVD and may even have a poster or 2 like me.
As good luck would have it, I have been able to secure a few of these, albeit limited supply. First in best dressed!
The Movie promo poster $55.00 ea + p&p and only $50.00 ea + p&p each for the posters of Johnny with the Deuce and the Race! These are definitely "Frame Material" and worthy of any wall in your household.

99 Deadly Sleds by Christian Pearce

99 Deadly Sleds by Christian Pearce. A talented chap domiciled in Wellington and a Weta Workshop employee. I have a few of these posters in stock. A must for the workshop or children's bedroom. Gimme a holler, only $15 ea + p&p 

HD Cafe Racer by Monkey. Another fine piece!

You can almost hear the rumble of the V-Twin!
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Artwork by Monkey, coming soon! - Watch this space...

This pic really get's the mind thinking.
Good Clown or Bad Clown....?

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Chris Piscitelli Artwork

Chris Piscitelli was born and raised in northern New Jersey.  Being the son of a car fanatic and the grandson of a fine artist heavily influenced his decision to pursue a career in design.  He attended Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Industrial Design), then moved to Detroit, MI to attend College for Creative Studies (BFA Transportation Design) and currently works as a designer in the automotive industry.
Plainly put, Chris is a car junky through and through. He loves anything that goes fast, or cruises slow. If he had the money, time, or space, he’d have more junk than he already does, and still never be finished with any of it. An artist/designer by trade, and a motor head by nature, he  enjoys combining his love of old iron and passion for design to create visions of what could be for himself  and for anyone in need.
Whether it’s something as simple as paint color and wheel/tire choice, or a full blown ground up design project, he’s happy to take it on. Experienced in both exterior, and interior design, he has worked with shops and individual builders alike on everything from 4x4’s to wild custom bodied creations, and is strongly dedicated to helping people transform their thoughts and ideas into something they can see, love, and build towards.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

From the beginning....

It's early days but watch this space as it all evolves.
I felt Facebook was the best Social Network to initially spread the word and now, slowly evolve a blog.
Cruisin' Culture - It's coming to a place or a PC near you soon! and are work in progress, and just a portal to feed into Facebook at present.

There will also be items listed on trademe and Sella as they come to hand.
Have an awesome time and feel free to add a comment, criticism or just something arty and creative.



There are so many creative people out there who are awesome in their own right! I felt it was about time to kick things into touch and build a platform to do this.
I am sure there will be many challenges and they will all be overcome!

Most importantly, there will be fun to be had and many new friendship's will be fostered along the way along with those who I already know.

I look forward to input from all of you, whether it be an experience worth sharing relating to this scene that we have grown to love or maybe some art or a photo or even some music or poetry. This gateway is open.