Cruisin' Culture - Art and other stuff. Cruisin' Culture is a business that sells select local and overseas art/music/creativity and more. Auto-related, lowbrow, traditional grass root's culture amongst others, with a hint of old grease and burnt oil thrown in for good measure. It's about the Artist, just as much as it is about the Art!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Henry Ford Memorial Day at Claudelands, Hamilton

It was great to meet those who visited our trade stand today. Thank you to everyone who bought something. It means a lot and now I can look for more art and re-stock what has been sold.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hot off the press from Surf Monkey

Up for grabs are the following 3 prints and available in A3 size. $20.00 ea + p&p or $25.00 ea + p&p matt laminated. (please advise if you prefer gloss laminated at placement of order)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Three more prints from Surf Monkey

Look here and listen up! Due to Rotorua being a tad damp, I still have plenty of these prints up for grabs!
Whether you want the raw printed version or matt laminated I can cover both bases, these are beautiful!
For the garage or studio wall, frame them or put them up with blu-tack(tm) the choice is yours!
A3 size $20 ea + p&p or $25.00 ea + p&p matt laminated.

Kool Kustoms

The Outlaw

A Coupe

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Cruisin' Culture has a passion in supporting and helping promote creativity, be it art, music and the like.
We believe there are many places and spaces for people to express themselves and with good intentions, this blog is only just a small part and hopefully a platform that will assist.
We are fortunate to be surrounded with amazing talent and truely believe, the world is a better place for it.
Here is a clip of our Son "with his permission", with a recent recording he did on the laptop webcam, low res. and very much minimal technical manipulation.
Alice in Chains - would

This is just the beginning, so if you have a special clip or recording and would like to share it here, please contact us.

Update... Missed Rotorua, aiming for Palmy Swap Meet

Unfortunately the Rotorua Swap Meet didn't pan out for us. The wet weather made thing's difficult and to be fair, rain and prints don't gel! Nonetheless, we will be all set for the Palmerston North Swapmeet, with lots to offer. There will be a myriad of cool art and other stuff up for grabs.
the Juice Lab's Carlos De Treend will also be at our stand and available to sign his prints! Yes, that's right folks, you will be able to purchase his cool art from our stand and get him to sign it for free! That's nudder, zero, zilch, totally free! There will also be another surprise that we are keeping under wrap's for the mo' but it will give another dimension to Carlos' art! Stay tuned and we may reveal all heading towards August, then again we may not and you'll just have to turn up to see.....
In the mean time, pay a visit and see some refreshing artwork....  be rude not to, really!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Design 165 - Artwork by Chris Piscitelli is on it's way!

Chris Piscitelli was born and raised in northern New Jersey.  Being the son of a car fanatic and the grandson of a fine artist heavily influenced his decision to pursue a career in design.  He attended Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Industrial Design), then moved to Detroit, MI to attend College for Creative Studies (BFA Transportation Design) and currently works as a designer in the automotive industry.
Plainly put, Chris is a car junky through and through. He loves anything that goes fast, or cruises slow. If he had the money, time, or space, he’d have more junk than he already does, and still never be finished with any of it. An artist/designer by trade, and a motor head by nature, he  enjoys combining his love of old iron and passion for design to create visions of what could be for himself  and for anyone in need.
Whether it’s something as simple as paint color and wheel/tire choice, or a full blown ground up design project, he’s happy to take it on. Experienced in both exterior, and interior design, he has worked with shops and individual builders alike on everything from 4x4’s to wild custom bodied creations, and is strongly dedicated to helping people transform their thoughts and ideas into something they can see, love, and build towards.

The Blueprint Series:- Coupe, Roadster Pickup and Tudor
I have 6 sets of these coming our way and I am happy to take order's now! I expect they will be here in time for Palmerston North Swapmeet, dust cloud aside....
Drop me an email if you would like to secure a set for yourself, or a friend! 13" x 19" $90.00 set of 3 + p&p

Little Honker 13" x 19" $30 ea + p&p

Also, 1 or 2 other surprises heading this way from the artist himself!

Friday, 1 July 2011