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Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Raydar Magazine

Now available from Cruisin' Culture World Headquarters... The Raydar Magazine 
Issue One has just arrived!
Now listen up folks, Issue One has just arrived so grab yourself a copy before they are all gone.
There are some great articles to read and for those who just look at the pictures, well there are plenty of those too!
Add in Paul and Tim's humour (Yes they do have some and hopefully still more left for Issue Two...) stories from afar and even something for those who love to sniff, I mean use glue to stick plastic models together.

In Pocketbook format with 58 pages featuring:  Pulp, Cars, Art, Bikes and Crap, it's all in there. 
You really havta to luv the British humour too! They are just in a class (on their own) of their own......
Exclusively available through Cruisin' Culture New Zealand 
Message or email me to secure a copy for yourself.
Just 15 Kiwi Fun Tickets (That's $15.00 to the uninitiated + postagea copy, so grab yourself one and find a cosy spot to rest up and read!
If I'm in a good mood I may even throw in a Cruisin' Culture decal for free.... jus' sayin'