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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Some Ideas for Christmas

Grab 9 of the below decals for your favourite sticking place. 
Usually $3.00 each, but only $20.00 + P&P for the 9!


Or, 9 decals plus the latest issue of The Lot - Fall 2013 for only $35.00 + P&P
Limited stock, so get in quick!

How about the first 4 issues of Raydar Magazine? (Only 3 complete sets left!)
I can't guarantee owning them will make you famous, but you will enjoy the content!
When your friends come over, they will have something to read as well, or buy a second set as a gift!
Normally $15.00 each + P&P, buy the set of 4 and it will only cost you $50.00 + P&P

So, now you have a couple of choices......
To mix things up a bit more, how about the first 4 issues of Raydar Magazine and also a Fuel Tank DVD?
How much you ask? Only $80.00 + P&P

There is still one set of (5) Sunday Slacker Magazines left. As much as I would love to have them permanently on my coffee table, out they must go! Only $50.00 + P&P

Or........... I could cut a deal on this last set of Sunday Slacker Magazines and throw in the Fall 2013 issue of The Lot Mag for only $60.00 + P&P

The last one in this Christmas offer package............
1 x issue of The Lot Magazine plus 1 x Fuel Tank DVD  for $45.00 + P&P

Don't leave it until the last minute. Get in quick and secure a deal!
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have a Fantastic New Year!

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